I love capturing in any way that I can. Growing up my dad had a digital point and shoot camera that I was obsessed with, in middle school I was a part of the yearbook team and in high school my mom and brother came together to buy me my first camera and encouraged me to take a semester in college to learn about photography. A couple years go by and I learn about video along side my brother and now I am where I am today! 

I currently live on the coast of North Carolina; but my goal is to explore and travel more out of state within the next couple of years! *hint hint*  I am the middle child of five siblings and I live for the moments when we are all able to spend time together. I am also just a peoples person, I love getting to hear all about the things that make you, you! 

My goal is to serve you in the best way that I can. Not only in my approach to filming your day but by also being your biggest cheerleader along the way. 

A little bit about me